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Is Divorce Mediation the Right Divorce Process for You?

Is Divorce Mediation the Right Divorce Process for You? Ending a marital union through divorce and making decisions regarding divorce-related issues can be very painful and emotional for some individuals. This is why many rather choose a divorce process that is conducted outside of the courtroom, where everything are in the form of argumentation, is tension-filled, and is witnessed by anyone who would want to sit in as spectator. Despite the air of conflict and hostility in the courtroom, there are divorce cases that can be settled only in courts due to the failure of spouses to reach an agreement. In contrast to a court-litigated divorce case, are alternative procedures, which are private, much faster to settle and much cheaper, and, most important of all, allow spouses to make their own decisions as well as arrive at such decisions in a manner that will let them keep treating each other amicably and with respect. One alternative process is called mediation, which is performed with the help of an impartial third party mediator. Divorce Mediation is a private divorce procedure that is aimed at helping you and your spouse arrive at the most ideal solutions to all divorce-related issues, which may include child custody, visitation rights, child support, division of assets and properties and spousal support or alimony. While the presence of a lawyer (to represent you) is not strictly required during the mediation sessions, having one or consulting with one may be vital as this may help you understand what you should ask for during the negotiation process, what decisions you can make and agree to and if the final draft of the agreement or decisions arrived at merit your consent and signature. Mediated divorce can take about three months to finish, or may be sooner, depending on how often you and your spouse agree to meet. Its cost,...
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