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Construction Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injuries

There is no question that construction workers are among the most likely to sustain work-related injuries simply because the nature of the work is inherently dangerous. Construction workers often operate electric-powered heavy tools that are difficult to control, operate heavy machinery or work right alongside them, and work from heights, often in conditions of high winds and intense temperatures. It takes a hardy individual to work in construction even under the best of conditions, and accidents still happen even when all the possible safety precautions are taken. The most common type of injury for construction workers is traumatic brain injury, otherwise known as TBI, which is why hard hats are the number one safety gear required for all that are within the worksite, even non-workers. Tools, planks, steel bars, and debris that fall from a sufficient height could result in serious injury to anyone unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A construction worker could sustain a brain injury by falling or having something fall on his or her head, and depending on the height of the fall, can spend a few hours to a few years recovering from damage to the brain. Any type of brain injury is no joke; a closed brain injury where the damage is internal may look fine, but the trauma could have considerable and permanent effects on the functionality of the worker. It is the worst kind of TBI because it is harder to detect and treat. But any kind of TBI is potentially dangerous because the brain is easily damaged, and does not take a lot to render the individual totally and permanently disabled. When construction accidents happen because of dangerous work conditions or employer negligence, the victim may be eligible for a personal injury claim. Consult with a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer to assess...
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